Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oops we jumped the tracks

That slow train to Christmas turned into the Polar Express, got out of control and derailed. I scheduled minor surgery that turned into ten stitches and then my stepmother went into hospital (she's still there.) Since I work on Sunday nights, the candle and liturgy fell to the wayside and the notes in the advent house kind of, well, stopped. And even though we've managed to do a Christmas "event" every day, the girls are still wailing for the silly rhymes. In between school parties, dinner parties, and watching the Nutcracker Ballet (on television), for posterity, here is more evidence that we salvaged every day with Christmas spirit:

Nai Nai's first Christmas

bead ornaments for the teachers

cookies and chocolate

fuzzy snowman

nutcracker prince

glittery stockings

happy chilluns


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Polar Express came our way over Christmas. I used my birdie plates today and everything tasted better. xo

Anonymous said...

PS: you need to add a link to your other blog here on the side here.