Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time warp thingys

Sarayu. If you've read "The Shack" then you understand a little more about colors and fractals and wind. Lodged within the story line of one man's weekend with God, was this undulating, pulsating, windblown energy that moves the clouds and gives birth to creativity. A whisper is all it takes to blast away vestiges of religion - dry and dead - off the branches of my life.

The book, though not a literary gem, is a gift of insight and wisdom. It is less an allegory than Pilgrim's Progress (a case made by Eugene Peterson), and seems to be scaring away a lot of Christians. This makes it more appealing, I think, and so I read it with one eyebrow raised. And each time I thought I could predict the plot, I failed. Wonderfully failed.

These clouds, sliced and cut open by troughs of air that tumbled and flipped the temperature, blew in on the leading edge of a cold front while I was reading the book. Who has seen the wind?

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