Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eat green bean casserole - not turkey!

Each year the kinder kids go on a turkey strike. Two years ago, Hannah wore the feathered basket. This year it was (embarrassed) Bethany's turn to dress up as a gobbler and demand more humane treatment. They sang the turkey tango and marched across the stage in their first public protest.

And no wonder. There's something odd about Woodstock sharing turkey with Snoopy as Charlie Brown, et al. drive off to Grandmother's condominium. I mean, it borders on cannibalism. But Schultz redeemed himself with an unbelievably accurate portrayal of the first Thanksgiving in a rarely seen cartoon that ABC broadcast this year. Imagine a journey to a new land in which half your party dies. Of the 50 who remain, one third are children and only five are women. That first harsh New England winter only five people at a time are well enough to construct a common house that houses the sick and dying.

In the dead of winter there are only five kernels of corn to eat per person, per day. In the spring of that year when an Indian arrives speaking English and promises to introduce you to another native who speaks even better English AND Spanish, you probably faint in disbelief. Together, Samoset and Squanto (with an amazing story of his own) teach the newcomers how to survive. It results in the longest standing American treaty ever made with native Americans (sadly, less than one hundred years.) We all need one another more than we know.

Starting November 30, the first day of the Advent season, I will be posting our daily approach to Christmas. Laughable, since I only posted two or three times in the last year. I'll be using both my blogs interchangeably (see my profile above) as we count down to my favorite day of the year. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving, and remember not to bite the hand that feeds you.

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