Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moving Forward

Life has a way of moving forward and sometimes we don't give it a backward glance. Thanks to Jill Kandel, who asked to interview me about my cross-cultural marriage on her writer's blog, I looked back, dusted off this blog and realized what a beautiful, boatload of memories it holds! The girls are in Jr. High and High School now and I've been working oh, so slowly, on a memoir these last few years. It's time to re-enter the fray of public blogging. Five years ago there were 160,000,000 blogs to vie for your attention. Now there are way more than 250,000,000 according to Robin Houghton's book, Blogging For Writers (Writer's Digest Books, 2014). If you choose to spend time here, thank you. I know you could easily pass by.There is a lot here about China because I love that massive chaotic mess of humanity. There is also much about my family because I love that chaotic mess even more. And since this is my blog's tenth anniversary year, there is much more to come. I keep my promises.

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