Friday, February 02, 2007

Building a Memory

It started in the carpool line. Rain pelting the windshield with little white balls of sleet shifted. Snowflakes as large as dumplings fell into a child's hair and didn't melt. The boys stopped and looked skyward. The parents giggled. We woke up this morning to world like sifted sugar on chocolate cake. Snow angels, ice balls, holly berries, red-breasted robins, icinged gazebo. We warmed our fingers by a fire and drank hot chocolate. This morning, it's all ours.


Jill Noel said...

In Texas snow is a marvel. In Minnesota it becomes a removal problem, another chore to do. I forget the wonder of childhood seeing. Sometimes writing is like that. I am avalanched by the work of throwing sentences away. You remind me of the need to go back to the beginning, to fall down, and write a snow angel onto a blank white page.

allison said...

I love the bird and the berries and chocolate cake dusted with powdered sugar...yum.

christa said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. I live in Louisiana where we have two seasons--hot and rain.